About Health & Wellbeing

It’s really important that you keep well when you move on to being an adult

You have to think about looking after your own health (rather that letting your parents or carers think about it).

You can go to the Doctors on your own and talk about health things that worry you.

It isn’t just about feeling poorly; you need to feel happy and settled as well (we call this ‘emotional wellbeing’). Sometimes everything can seem frightening and confusing or you may be very sad about something. We have put on details of people who can help with feelings that make you unhappy.

Also, as you become an adult, you may start to think about finding a partner, boyfriend or girlfriend. Many young people say this is very important to them so we have put on some information about relationships and about keeping safe.

Good health often depends on how well you look after yourself, so we have put on some information on keeping fit and eating well.

If you have a disability it might mean that you need help with special equipment. Also, you will need to find out about other people who look after your health such as dentists for teeth and opticians for eyes.

Using the health part of the site will help you find out things to help you live your life and keep well.

It is always important to see a doctor if you think something is wrong.

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