Rebecca Lunness

Rebecca My Red Centre I love listening to the juke box and singing I like playing snooker The Red Centre

MY name is Rebecca Lunness. I attend the red centre one a week I have lots of fun the red centre is on morley street in bury Sarah Willamson is head of youth group. I am worried because the Red centre might close because there isn’t enough money. We have won a court case at judicial review and we want to get more money to stay open.

  1. Favourite colours are blue and green

  2. Favourite music is Jason Donovan

  3. Favourite TV programme is supernanny Jo Frost

  4. Favourite food is spaghetti

  5. I sometimes like to wear my old school uniform!

  6. Favourite sport is swimming

  7. I like to spend time at the Red Centre

  8. A thing that worries me about the future is the Red Centre closing

  9. Things I’m looking forward to winning the court case to get more money for the Red Centre to stay open.

  10. My dream is for my neighbour to be there for me to talk to when I need her.

  11. Moody Blues ‘questions’ is my favourite song

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